Usher Duties

Please note that the early services vary slightly as indicated below.

** Also note that the front outer doors should NEVER be locked during a service.

Before the service

  • Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to beginning of service.
  • Get Usher name badge from drawer to the right of the long table.
  • Please leave the outer door open and chained back to stay open during the service unless the weather is really really bad and leaving it open would disrupt the people inside.
  • Use the inner swinging doors to cut down on breezes and traffic noise from the street.
  • Get counter from same drawer.
    One usher should count each person as they enter and also count the choir, clergy, Eucharist Ministers, acolyte, crucifer, torch bearers etc.   This information will be entered on the card for the day that is given to the crucifer when you receive the offering plates. Card for the day is usually on the long table.
  • Greet people as they enter, offer a bulletin and assist in seating them if needed.
  • Ring bell 10 minutes before the service. (optional)
  • Ask two people from the congregation to take the elements to the altar. (8:45 has a designated person each week.)
  • Note members who need to have Communion brought to them in the pews. (Let the Priest or Deacon know where these people are located when you take Communion.)

During the service

  • Go to the steps at the front of the church when the Offertory begins.  Hand the card with the count to the Crucifer (at 11:00) and take an offering plate.
  • Each usher passes the plate down one of the rows.
  • Ushers bring offering plates to the steps at the front when the Presentation hymn begins. Stand at the steps until the hymn ends. (There is no music at the 7:45 service so do this when indicated in the bulletin.)
  • Take a seat in one of the front side pews until you need to direct the congregation to the altar rail.
    –  One usher is needed in each main aisle to move back pew by pew to let people know they can proceed to the altar for communion. Try to avoid backing up too many people in the line. One usher is needed at the foot of the steps on the left and right to assist people as needed.
  • After everyone in the congregation has taken Communion, ushers go to the rail for Communion and then return to the back of the church for the remainder of the service.

After the Service

  • Ushers gather bulletins and other items left in the pews and straighten cushions.
  • Head Usher picks up flowers to be delivered to parishioners from the Altar Guild room. Ushers check with head usher to see if they are needed for flower delivery. (11:00 only)
  • Turn off lights in vestibule (tiled area just inside the front doors) and the narthex lights at the rear of the church (switch is around pillar near children’s area.)
    The Altar Guild will turn off the main lights in the church.
    Check that sound system is turned off with switch in chancel at the top of steps down to hallway. (11:00 only)
  • Make sure front door and both side doors are locked. (11:00 only)
  • Check the Parish House to see if anything is happening; if not, lock the main doors, and the doors in McCracken Hall, off Johnson Street, and under the stairs on the east side of the building. (11:00 only)
  • Job Done!