Greeter Duties

Thank you so much for your participation in this special ministry at Trinity.  Making fellow parishioners, and especially newcomers, feel welcome to our place of worship is extremely important. It is often the first impression people get of Trinity, and it can be a lasting one!

  • Greeters should be at the front door 20 – 30 minutes before the service, or close to when parishioners start arriving for that particular service.
  • Find the “Greeter” tag in the drawer of the table to the right, at the back of the church, and please put on your nametag as well.
  • Take the basket of mugs from under the same table and put it in the vestibule where you can reach it. Please return this when you’ve finished greeting.
  • When you do not recognize someone and think they might be new, ask them if they’ve been given a mug.  If not, please give them one, pointing out the card to fill out, which can be put in the offering plate or given to one of the clergy, and the bookmark with all it’s information on Trinity.
  • If feasible, get the name of the person you’ve just mugged and write it on the small notepad in the basket. This would be most helpful to us!
  • We usually give one mug to a couple, but you can use your discretion.
  • Ask visitors and newcomers if they need help finding anything in the church or parish house; restrooms, nursery, etc.  If you can’t verbally give directions, ask an usher to show them.