Lenten Resources

Resources for Lenten Devotions in 2018

Lent is a season in which many people take on extra acts of devotion and prayer. This devotional work can focus on service to others, on self-examination and growth, on study of scripture, on times of daily prayer, or on any combination of these elements. Here are some available resources that may help you in your Lenten devotion.

Service to others

Episcopal Relief and Development provides daily meditations for the entire season of Lent. This year the focus is on childhood development and our call to care for “the least of these.” You may sign up to receive daily meditations from Episcopal Relief and Development at:

You may also download the meditations in booklet form. A PDF of the booklet, which you may print on paper or read on your computer, is available at:

The Living Ark Lent
As it was for Noah and for us today, the Ark symbolizes hope and a new beginning. This year for Lent the children, youth, and families of Trinity can become part of the Heifer Living Ark project The Ark is designed to bring family members together to discuss and build awareness of their global family, teach about the root causes of hunger and poverty, show how the way we live affects other people, and provide a practical way to help end hunger and poverty. Each family will receive one Giving Calendar and as many Ark Banks as there are members in the family. The Giving Calendar is a daily mission-giving program for four weeks. The Ark Banks will store your contributions. The Ark Banks will be collected on Palm Sunday, March 25, 2018. The money collected will be sent to Heifer International. It will be very exciting to see how much money we can raise for this worthy project. Supplies will be available at the back of the church. The Ark and the calendar are also available at: https://www.heifer.org/what-you-can-do/faith-communities/fill-the-ark-program.html

Self-examination and growth

The Living Compass, a church organization dedicated to mindfulness and wellness, offers a devotional “Living Well Through Lent” booklet. It is available for order or download at this link:

Scripture study and meditation

The Society of St John the Evangelist, a monastic order based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, offers a daily meditation every day of the year called “Brother, Give Us A Word.” In Lent the daily meditations will be a series called “Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John.” You can receive the daily meditations at any time at:

You may also download or order a prayer journal to go with the daily meditations at:

Daily meditations and prayers

A preeminent source of daily devotions in the Episcopal Church is Forward Day by Day. Booklets are available in the church narthex. The same daily meditations may also be viewed online at:

This link can also connect you to the Daily Office, where forms of Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline, with the proper readings and collects for each day, are available.

Another attractive and useful online Daily office is available from the Brotherhood of St Gregory at:

Friday Lenten Silent Prayer/Meditation

All are welcome to join Ginger Warrick in silent Prayer/Meditation during the six Fridays leading up to Good Friday from 7:30 am – 8:30 am in the St. Columba Chapel. The dates are: Feb 16, Feb 23, Mar 2, Mar 9, Mar 16, Mar 23.