Worship Service Volunteers

Many people, youth and adults, who worship at Trinity volunteer to help with our services. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the office at 886-9132 or communications@trinitystaunton.org.

Volunteer Resources

Frequently Asked Questions
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General Questions

  • Why has Trinity moved to using this system: TEXT
  • I am not a volunteer but I would like to be, who do I talk to: TEXT
  • I would like to volunteer for a different ministry. What ministries are available?: TEXT

Viewing the Schedule

  • How to view the current schedule without logging in: VIDEO or TEXT
  • How to log in to the online volunteer scheduler: VIDEO or TEXT
  • How to view your scheduleVIDEO or TEXT
  • How to view the full schedule : VIDEO or TEXT

Personal Information

  • Update your phone number, email, address, and auto remindersVIDEO or TEXT
  • I forgot my password/username: VIDEO or TEXT
  • How to change your passwordVIDEO or TEXT


  • How to switch between family membersVIDEO or TEXT


  • How to request a substituteVIDEO or TEXT
  • Am I responsible for finding a substitute: TEXT
  • I want to fulfill a sub request but I’d like to trade one of my times for their’s: TEXT
  • How to accept sub requests : VIDEO
  • How to contact other volunteers in your ministry: VIDEO


  • How are volunteers scheduled: VIDEO
  • How to edit your can’t serve datesVIDEO or TEXT
  • Updating your service time preferencesVIDEO
  • What does “Any Special Service” mean under service time preferencesVIDEO
  • How to sign up for special servicesVIDEO
  • I want to be scheduled only for a certain month or time frame: TEXT
  • I only want to be scheduled for a certain number of times per months: TEXT
  • Can I be scheduled for a specific number of times each month for a certain service time or a specific ministry: TEXT

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Altar Server
The altar server processes immediately after the choir. He/she will also help in the communion preparation and cleanup during the service.

Choir Cross
The choir cross bearer leads the choir in the entrance and exit processions. He/she also carries the food basket from the rear of the church to the altar rail during the offering.

The crucifer leads the procession, assists in the reading of the Gospel and assists the offering collection.

The element-bearers bring the bread and wine to the altar for the preparation of communion.

Eucharistic Minister
Eucharistic Ministers assist in the administration of communion to the people. Ministers usually give the chalice, although they may be asked at times to give the bread instead. Eucharistic ministers stand at the altar during the Great Thanksgiving, and may also assist with preparing and cleaning up the communion vessels.

Greeters welcome people at the church door, especially visitors and newcomers. Greeters introduce visitors and newcomers to other parishioners as available. They may also gather family information from newcomers and give first-time visitors a mug and/or welcome packet.

Lectors read the scriptures in the service. On the Sunday assigned, the lector reads from the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. At the early and middle services the lector also leads the congregation in reading the psalm; at the late service the psalm is usually sung, though on occasion the lector may be asked to lead in reading it.

The Prayer leader reads the Prayers of the People after the Creed and before the Confession. The form of prayers is different each week at the middle and late services; at the early service the Prayer for the Whole State of Christ’s Church and the World is regularly used. Names from the parish prayer list, the list of birthdays, and commemorations of the dead are included in each week’s prayers.

Torch Bearers
The torch bearers process one on each side of the cruficer. They also light the candles and assist in the Gospel reading.

Ushers are the “doorkeepers” of the church. They welcome people as they arrive, hand out bulletins, count attendance, take the collection after the Peace in the late service, guide people forward at communion time, and tell the clergy of any persons who need communion brought to them in their pews. In addition, the ushers at the early service unlock the doors of the church and the parish house before the services begin, and the ushers at the late service lock and secure the buildings when the services are over.