What is TIME?
Trinity’s International Mission for Education (TIME) is our response to the challenge of ending poverty by providing opportunity. Educational opportunity allows access to information, to skill development, to job possibilities, to informed choices, to possibilities for improvement individually and collectively.

TIME is currently supporting educational projects in Haiti and in Honduras, the two poorest countries in our hemisphere. It is our intention to raise funds for the support of these projects while continuing to increase awareness of the great need to find lasting solutions to poverty.

What is poverty?
Poverty is the lack of the means to support a viable life.
Poverty is a killer, particularly of children.
Poverty is perpetual if opportunity is nonexistent

TIME for Honduras
For the impoverished Chorito Indian communities in the mountains of Copan, education provides hope that they can better their lives.

In Honduras secondary education, which would open up possibilities for jobs and allow for meaningful improvement in the status of students and their families, is not publicly supported or available in isolated areas.

The school that Trinity supports is housed in the Francisco Morazán Primary School located in the community of San Rafael. It is a public primary school with two state-certified teachers, two class rooms and approximately 100 students.

Our commitment through TIME is to support a non-tuition secondary school using the same facility. We are providing the salaries for two certified teachers. A third teacher is currently unfunded but working as necessary to meet educational certification standards for the school. One of the primary school teachers is working as a volunteer administrator of the secondary program. There are currently 70-80 students in attendance and the classes meet in the afternoon after primary school has ended.

TIME for Haiti
The Virginia Haiti Collaborative, a group of churches, schools and individuals, has provided funds to build a school in Cerca le Source, Haiti. The Collaborative has further committed itself to supporting teachers and to providing lunch to students each school day.

TIME-ly facts
It’s about sharing your blessings. The only hope for the survival of these schools is to establish supporting partnerships with those outside their communities and their countries

It’s about money.

The Virginia Collaborative needs to keep raising $1800 per month to support the school in Cerca-La-Source. The San Rafael Secondary School Project needs to keep raising $950 per month.

TIME-ly help
At Trinity Church, the second Sunday of each month is TIME Sunday, and a special collection is taken to support the projects of TIME. Come to church and give regularly.Contributions to Trinity that are designated to “TIME” are tax deductible donations. You may mail contributions, made out to Trinity Episcopal Church and designated to TIME, to PO BOX 208, Staunton VA 24401. If you want to learn more about these projects or how you can help, contact the Trinity office at 886-9132.