Back, left to right: The Rev. Paul Nancarrow, Muffie Newell (not on vestry), Erik Boody, Karen Tate, Judy Armstrong, Jim Manchester, Rick Chittum, Hunter Moss. Front, left to right: Lilchy Huffman, Lynn Manka, Pat Williams, Lundy Pentz, Susan Read.

Current Vestry
Rector: Paul Nancarrow
Senior Warden: Lundy Pentz
Junior Warden: Erik Boody
Treasurer: Tom Fechtel, Jr.
Clerk: Laurie Clements

Term expires 12/31/2017
Judy Armstrong
Lee Beam
Lilchy Huffman
Lynn Manka
Lundy Pentz
Susan Read
Matt Shreckhise

Term expires 12/31/2018
Erik Boody
Molly Brown
Ernest Holley
Jim Manchester
Pat Williams
David Wallace

Term expires 12/31/2019
Rick Chittum
Hunter Moss
Richard Obenschain
Juliette Swenson
Karen Tate


Vestry Members on Committees

About Vestry Officers

Senior Warden
. The Senior Warden is the “rector’s warden,” who assists and advises the rector principally in the areas of leadership, administration, finance, and personnel.

Junior Warden. The Junior Warden is the “parish warden,” who oversees matters of buildings, grounds, maintenance, and improvements, working closely with the Property Committee.

Treasurer. The Treasurer works with the staff Parish Administrator, to oversee the financial health and activity of the parish.

Clerk. The Clerk is the “secretary” of the Vestry, who takes minutes at meetings and manages Vestry correspondence.

The officers meet regularly with the rector to plan agendas for Vestry meetings, to address issues in the parish, and to consult on the development and mission of the congregation.