The Work Is Over; The Work Begins

Well, today we finished up. The last bits of trim on the walls, the final patching of the missing plaster, the remaining masonry blocks moved from the street to safe storage (well, most of them), the last words with Honduran friends. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, about 3/5 of our party – Margaret, Lorain, Bill, Pete, Brendan, and Steve – went up to the school in San Rafael to make Valentine … [Read more...]

Let the Room Guide You

With only two working days remaining, we are already starting to think about finishing up. While tasks are still in progress, there are some that we are steering toward completion. Painting, for instance, reached its big conclusion today – and mostly because we’d used up all the paint! The church interior is a beautiful sunny yellow. The church façade is an apricot/peach color, with bright … [Read more...]

God Gives the Growth

In our Epistle reading in church today was the thought “One plants, another waters, but God gives the growth.” I know this because I looked the reading up on the English-language website. I could not have told you that based on the Spanish-language reading in church. I am getting better at reading Spanish, at least in small doses, with common phrases. But hearing Spanish is a … [Read more...]

Looking Two Ways

Not all the Mayan remains in Copan are in the acropolis. That’s where the major temples and plazas and ball court are, to be sure. But there are stelae, stone pillars carved with the images of kings, set in several places in the area. Many are concentrated in a section of the archeological park; many are lost; but a few can be found still standing in the countryside. The archeologists tell us … [Read more...]

The Tired Day

It seemed as though the common theme today was “I’m tired.” Lee and I said that to each other almost as soon as we woke up. Oakley mentioned it before breakfast. None of us were quite so sprightly jumping up into the back of the pickup truck to ride to the church. Whether we were moving block or building walls or painting rooms, everything seemed to go a little slower than yesterday, with more … [Read more...]

Chipping Away

My main job today was chipping away old paint. Yesterday we worked on painting the worship space of the church in Santa Rita. There were two big sections, however, along the bottom of the streetside wall, that we could not paint, because the surfaces had deteriorated and needed to be scraped clean before new paint could be applied. That job fell to me. I am not a builder by trade, nor a … [Read more...]

Filling in the Holy Spirit

Today we went to work at La Iglesia Espiritu Santo – the Church of the Holy Spirit – which was the very first church this mission group worked on when our trips to Honduras began. The church is growing right now: they're seeing more young families with small children: and they're considering ways they might expand. The church building has already grown a couple of times; in addition to the worship … [Read more...]


Travel can be exhausting. It seems strange in a way: travel involves a lot sitting around – sitting in airports, sitting on planes, sitting on buses. How can so much sitting around be exhausting? And why is it, when we arrive in Copan some twelve hours after leaving our hotel in Dulles, are we so worn out? It wasn’t all sitting, of course. Some of it even approached running, as our flight from … [Read more...]

Off and Away

Later today Lee and I will drive up to the DC environs, where we'll spend the night before boarding a very early flight to Atlanta – the first leg of our trip to Copan, Honduras for Trinity Church's 2017 adult mission trip. From Atlanta we fly to San Pedro Sula; and from there it's a bus ride that gets longer each year, as each year the roads get worse, into the mountains to Copan. It makes for a … [Read more...]

TIME Sunday

This Sunday is TIME Sunday! Trinity’s International Mission for Education (TIME) is our response to the challenge of ending poverty by providing opportunity. Educational opportunity allows access to information, to skill development, to job possibilities, to informed choices, to possibilities for improvement individually and collectively. TIME is currently supporting educational projects … [Read more...]