Claiming Common Ground

In my sermon last Sunday I spoke about the Bishops United Against Gun Violence march that was held during General Convention. I talked about praying and singing and marching to bear witness to an alternative to the violence that wracks our country. I recalled how Presiding Bishop-Elect Michael Curry called us to be part of the Jesus Movement that can end the nightmare of racism and poverty and … [Read more...]

Of Screens and Streams

One of the things that really impressed me about General Convention, technogeek that I am, was the wide use of electronic devices and communications for convention business and connection. This convention was billed as "a convention of screens" in a lot of the preparatory reports and materials. It was intended to be as nearly paperless as possible; and in most cases that intention was carried … [Read more...]

General Convention Actions on Marriage – A Rector’s Reflections

Yesterday the General Convention passed two resolutions on marriage. The first authorized new liturgies for marriage services in the church. The second rewrote our marriage canon. Canons are the "church law," or, as I like to think of them, the "house rules" we use for doing the church's work. By now you have probably heard or read in the secular media that these resolutions mean the … [Read more...]