On the Way to Copan

One of the things I really enjoy doing on the Honduras mission trips is writing short (well, short for me!) blog entries to send back to the parish website.

Sometimes working on a construction site all day, breaking rocks so we can dig a trench so that we can pour a foundation – yes, that is the sort of thing we do on these trips! – can feel a little overwhelming. It can be as if that labor drives everything else from my mind, and my whole world contracts down to just that task and just that work.

It can be a real gift to come home to the hotel, take a good shower, cool off with an ice-cold beer, and collect some thoughts to write about the day. The work of writing helps me un-contract my world, to see things again in a larger perspective, and to discover some promptings from the Holy Spirit that had been woven through the day that I had not noticed before.

I often tell myself that writing daily blogs is a service to the congregation, a way to help “the folks back home” feel connected to the work the mission trippers are doing on their behalf in our companion churches. And of course that it is true.

But it is also true that the writing is a service to myself, a work of mindfulness that recreates the day’s experience in a new comprehension. The written insights can feel to me like an extra gift from God.

I will be writing these blogs again as we go to Honduras between February 9 and 17, 2016. I hope to write every day, as time and energy and circumstance allow. And I hope that the entries will help you recognize how God is at work on this trip, not only in Copan but in Staunton as well. I know that is what they’ll do for me.

Peace be with you,