Trinity College Classes

The next round of “Trinity College” Discussion Groups will begin January 5th and run through February 4th. Come join us for what should be some stimulating and inspiring discussion!
  • Juliet Benner’s  Contemplative Vision: A Guide to Christian Art and Prayer  challenges the reader to see how God unveils himself in Scripture as seen through the eyes and hands of gifted artists. Each week we will examine a different painting or two along with the scripture it relates to and learn how to expand our ability to use physical seeing as a doorway to spiritual seeing. The book’s text and discussion questions will be enhanced with some background material on the artists, their work and the creative process.  Led by Anne Hanger. The class will now meet in the Foster Room at 1pm on Monday, January 11 through Monday, February 1. (Purchase of the text is optional.) If you plan to attend or order a book, please contact If you will need childcare, please contact before classes begin.
  • Richard Reich’s What Has Gone Wrong with Our Economy and Democracy and How to Fix It, led by Margaret Pearson. I volunteered to lead a study on the above book because I hope and assume that I am not the only person in the Trinity community who has lain awake in the wee hours wondering what can be done about the rather frightening trends in our society.  I am hoping others will join me in developing an understanding of how and why our democracy and our economy are being seriously undermined.  Is moral outrage an appropriate response?  How do we reconcile, or refuse to reconcile, our faith with the new “normal” in economic and political policy and discourse.  What is a faithful response?  This book study will have its first meeting Thursday, Jan. 7, at 7:00 in Trinity’s Braxton Room (off McCracken Hall) and participants will determine the schedule for four additional meetings.  Interested parties should have read at least the introduction to the book prior to the first meeting.  The book is available in various formats online.  Questions can be addressed to me at If you will need childcare, please contact before classes begin.
  • Thomas Merton’s The Wisdom of the Desert, a Christian classic, features the sayings of the “Desert Fathers.” These were 4th century Christian hermits who fled conventional life in search of higher wisdom in the desert.  Their sayings and hermit lifestyle have influenced Christian thought throughout the centuries on the importance of silence and solitude as spiritual practices. The class will also look at sayings of the “Desert Mothers” and aspects of Merton’s own spiritual quest. Led by Shirley Ruedy, Tuesdays at 7 p.m., beginning January 5th in the Foster Room. If you plan to attend or want to order a book, please contact If you will need childcare, please contact before classes begin.