Trinity College Fall B Classes

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Discussion Group on C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity led by James Cramer.  Since its publishing in the mid-1940s, C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity has been formational to the thinking of many Christians. Trinity’s own Francis Collins credits this book with influencing his deep commitment to faith. If you have never given yourself the chance to read this classic of Christian apologetics, or if you’d just like to review it, consider signing up for six Tuesday nights in November and early December to meet and discuss Lewis’s cogent and persuasive argument for the Christian faith.

Initially presented as a series of BBC radio talks Lewis delivered from 1942 through 1944, Mere Christianity begins with a discussion of the “moral law” commonly accepted by human beings and progressively narrows the focus until he finally presents what has come to be called the “Lewis trilemma” concerning the nature of Jesus Christ: either Jesus was God as he claimed or he was lying or he was delusional. Lewis argues that the latter two possibilities do not seem to square with what else we know of the man. Please come share and grow with us as we learn from this brilliant and thought-provoking work. If you plan to attend and/or want to order a book, please contact

Tuesdays at 7:00 pm. Please note the days and different room usage below.

November 10 Foster Room
November 17 Foster Room
November 24 Braxton Room
December 1 Foster Room
December 8 Foster Room
December 15 Braxton Room


Discussion Group on Karen Armstrong’s The Spiral Staircase. This autobiography tells the fascinating and illuminating story of a nun who leaves her order for academia, vowing never to have anything to do with religion or God again. Beset by debilitating panic attacks, an eating disorder, and epilepsy, she fights to find her place in the “outside world.” In the process, she writes major books on religion and becomes a sought-after expert on relations between Islam and the West, especially after 9/11. The Spiral Staircase “is an extraordinary account of an astonishing spiritual journey from despair to religious transcendence.”  Led by Shirley Ruedy.  If you plan to attend or order a book, please contact

Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. Please note the days and different rooms below.

November 11 Braxton Room
November 18 Foster Room
November 25 Braxton Room
December 2 Foster Room
December 9 Braxton Room
December 16 Foster Room