Honduras Report #6

Ted Jordan continues to update us from Honduras:

“Monday was chilly all day. That is not a sentence I have ever written in Honduras before. There was no real rain too speak of but mainly cloudy and a persistent breeze and temperatures I would guess in the 60’s. In fact it was perfect for hard work so we were not complaining.

“The last of the rebar towers were tied and we continued to pour the corona or large beam around the entire perimeter of the first floor. This group really stays on task so a lot has gotten done. Unbelievably our Honduran friends trust both work crews to do their job, and they stay busy doing other stuff and mixing the cement when we need it.

“This evening was spent getting the coffee orders settled and also making arrangements for some much needed school supplies at San Rafael which starts a new school year the beginning of February. Tomorrow will be busy with work and then packing up our things and all the coffee in preparation for an early departure on Wednesday.”

The coffee of which Ted writes is roasted whole-bean coffee from the San Rafael plantation, just up the mountain on the other side of the river from Copan. The school we support is in the town that supports the plantation. The coffee is organic and small-trade/fair-trade. It will be available for sale at Trinity Church when the mission trippers return!