Honduras Reports #4 and #5

Ted Jordan sends news from the Saturday and Sunday activities away from the construction worksite:

First, Ted reports: “Saturday is a day for rest, or at least rest from construction. We just finished a long meeting with Edgar and Carolina discerning the many needs for the San Rafael school which will start their new school year the beginning of February. They are trying many things to help to educate their students in all areas of life as it goes on here, and the things that we do around the periphery seem to help tremendously. Edgar is still weak from his operation but says he is a little better each day and the rest of the family looks great.” And he adds about the town of Copan itself: “Today  is market day so the town is full and abuzz.

Then, on Sunday, Ted wrote: “We just returned from a lively communion service at Santa Rita. Their musician has moved away so most of the songs were a capella but actually it was quite nice The building is very live so it encourages people to sing. The weather continues cold and drizzly so sunburn and hydration are not an issue so far. We will go to prayer meeting this evening and back to work in the morning. People seem to be rested up and I am hoping to catch at least a little American football this afternoon (in Spanish of course).” American football in Spanish may be the only sport where a player makes a touchdown and the TV commentator shouts “Go-o-o-o-al!”

Keep the mission team in your prayers as they continue their work and travel home later this week.