Honduras Report #3

Ted Jordan shares more news from the Trinity Mission Trip to Copan Ruinas, Honduras:

“Another day another lempira (about 5 cents in US money).

“Work continued as we stripped the forms from yesterday and moved them to another section. We gringoes got more efficient and they actually had enough water on hand for concrete so we got done a little early which is always nice on Friday.”

The mission work we do in Honduras has, for the last few years, been coordinated mainly through local relationships, and not with the diocesan office. But Ted reports that “Bob Cantor, who works as a mission coordinator for the Diocese of Honduras, made the long trek up here today to see what is happening and perhaps draw us back into the fold. He seemed surprised that we know so many people and have such good connections.”

Our mission relationships in Copan are not just about building churches. “Our two young women missioners (Ashleigh and Jasmine) interviewed at the bilingual school today. They are adventurous and looking to help where they can. Tomorrow we will visit with Edgar and Carolina from the school at San Rafael that we support. We will give them some much-needed laptops and discuss their needs going forward. The first class of seniors just graduated in December and some were able already to get good jobs thanks to their education. We will give them a poster for the Dennis Case Memorial Classroom. Edgar had an emergency appendectomy on New Years Eve (he had to drive himself to the hospital in Guatamala) and so I don’t think we will be able to actually go to the school. It is a very hard drive and they are on break for the coffee harvest.”

Saturdays and Sundays are not work days on the church site, so the mission team can do some other activities: “Some will go to the Mayan ruins tomorrow and a few of us will go and view the construction of Olman Santos’ new church in Santa Rita. Sunday we will go to church at our original project church in Santa Rita and then in the evening go to a prayer service with Carlos Garza (now a deacon) with the congregation of the church we are now building.”

Construction, education, friendship, historical sightseeing, prayer. All done to know and make known the presence of Jesus among us. These are the things missional relationships are made of.