Honduras Report #2

Ted Jordan continues to fill us in on happenings in San Pedrito and Copan Ruinas:

“Last night a big van with a satellite dish appeared in the main square. It turned out that the president of Honduras and the head of the  World Bank were visiting an airport being constructed nearby. Now if they will just fix the roads. There was a strong troop presence in town and we could see helicopters flying (lower than our worksite) around.”

In addition to governmental excitement, work on the church made progress:

We are moving up now pouring concrete beams ten feet in the air off of scaffolding. Everything goes up by hand. There is a wood shortage so we will strip our forms from today and move then to another location in the am. It will take at least two more days to get around.”

The work is very much a cooperative effort between our mission trippers and the local Honduran workers: “They are really trusting our ability to do it the way that they want it done and the gringos built and pored it all today. The Hondurans did the very hard work of mixing concrete and handing the 5 gallon buckets  of concrete up to the scaffolding, where we heave it over our heads into the forms. The Honduran bosses are also very happy that our women are making all the rebar towers and they look nearly perfect.”

In between work bouts, there is also time for play and fellowship: “While we were waiting for water for the concrete Pete Hickman’s son Brendon engaged a bunch of the kids in a lively soccer game inside of what will be the sanctuary. It was one on six but he held his own.

Ted concludes by noting that the weather was a little sunnier, but not too hot. And the mission trippers would love to hear from the folks back home!