Honduras Report #1

Ted Jordan is reporting regularly from the Trinity mission trip to Copan Ruinas, Honduras. On Wednesday, January 14, he reported on the team’s first day of work. He notes that, “Everyone hit the ground running with the many veterans finding jobs that suited them and the three young new people finding fitting places to vent their exuberance.” It’s good to know that new missioners can always find work!

This year, like last year, the team is working on the construction of a church building for the Episcopal congregation that meets in San Pedrito, a poor barrio perched on the mountainside high above the main city of Copan Ruinas. The congregation intends to use the building for worship, of course; but most of the churches in the small communities around Copan also use their churches as community buildings, meeting spaces, social gathering spots, classroom spaces, and even places to house visitors or people in emergency need.

Ted describes the main construction task before the team: “We will be installing and pouring the huge main beams that will support the second floor (or ceiling depending on how you view things).” The church under construction is projected to have two stories, with the worship space on the top floor, and meeting places and a couple of residential apartments on the lower floor. The poured concrete beams that will support the second floor will of course have to be strong enough to bear the load; pouring them will be the mission team’s big challenge for this trip.

It’s hard work, but Ted reports that the team is in good spirits. He even commented on the weather: “Our Honduran friends say that it is cold but then they don’t know cold the way that we do. We heard there might have been some snow in Staunton but it did not make it here.”

Please keep the Honduras mission team in your prayers.