Trinity College for January and February


Two new groups are in store for Trinity College in January and February, our “Epiphany term” before the beginning of Lent. On tap are a book group and a discussion of worship practice.

Eager to Love. Carrie Tucker will lead a group reading and discussing Richard Rohr’s book, Eager to Love: the Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi. In this book Rohr introduces the spirituality of Francis, not as a historical exercise, but as a practice people can follow today. Eager to Love is grounded in the Gospels, the prophets, a broad blend of psychology and theology, and in literature and art, to continue to communicate through all the sources that articulate specific alternative ways of understanding God with us. This group will meet on Thursday mornings at 10am in the Gooch Room, from January 8 through February 12.

But We’ve Always Done It That Way.  Lundy Pentz will lead an eclectic tour of “traditional” liturgical practices that are anything but traditional – a survey of some of the more unusual features of liturgies ancient and modern and the surprising origins of many of our treasured customs.

  • Languages and words of liturgy – not always “understanded” of the people including us
  • The “universal” color scheme of the church year (the real Sarum colors)
  • Vestments and variations (why do surplices have big sleeves?)
  • Liturgical behavior and misbehavior (when you can go to jail for lighting a candle)
  • Marching to Canaan behind cross and candles (when processions take a wrong turn)

This group will meet on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm in the Foster Room, from January 7 through February 11.