Parish Administrator Announces Retirement

PEARSON-OAKLEY-124Margaret Pearson, Parish Administrator for Trinity Church, had announced to the rector and staff and Vestry some months ago her intention to retire from her position in November of 2014. Margaret has served faithfully in this capacity for several years, and has been a steady presence through personnel changes in every other staff position. We are all grateful for her service, and sad to see her go.

Because of some unexpected health issues, Margaret has decided to move up her retirement date. She has been unable to keep regular office hours for several weeks, and we have accelerated the process of looking for new staff to take over her tasks. Also being considered is an appropriate way to say “Thank you” to Margaret for her tenure in the job.

In the meantime, please direct all financial and administrative questions to the Parish Communications Assistant, Deidre Jones. Deidre will refer any needs or queries to appropriate staff or lay leaders.

See our Open Positions page for the Parish Administrator position description and how to apply.