Trinity “College” Classes Offered Fall 2014

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Trinity 101

Begins Sunday, September 14. Led by Paul Nancarrow, this is an “inquirers’ class,” looking at some history of the Episcopal Church, history of Trinity Church, and features of spiritual and practical life in the Episcopal way. There will be six sessions, each looking at a different facet of our story and our practice. This is a great way for newcomers to become acquainted with the Episcopal Church and with Trinity, and a great way for present members to refresh their knowledge! Trinity 101 will meet Sundays at 12:30 in the afternoon, right after the late service.rd has come to me through a couple of indirect channels that some parents of Sunday school children would like to have something they can do while the kids are engaged in Godly Play and Bible stories and service projects.


Female Mystics of the Middle Ages

Beginning September 11, this course will examine some of the women writers of the Medieval Christian church.  These women were devout, passionate, humble, insightful, and sometimes touchingly funny.  Their writings reflect the concerns that all women have faced throughout history and they give us fine examples of the Christian life fully lived.  Join us for any/all of the six classes Thursday mornings 10-11:30.  A book of writings has been chosen for use in the course.  It is Women’s Writings on Christian Spirituality edited by Molly Hand available from Dover Publications; price is about $5.00.  If you are interested in the course and/or want to order a book, contact Karen Martin ( or 540-887-2596).