That Service Named!

Not long ago we asked for suggestions for renaming our Wednesday evening summer service. It’s been “Mass on the Grass” for years; but this year we have moved from Holy Communion to Evening Prayer as our form of outdoor worship, so it is no longer technically a “mass.” A new name seemed in order.

A few people suggested we just keep on calling it “Mass on the Grass” even if it isn’t. While the rhyme is nice, it doesn’t seem like truth in advertising to me.

One person told me of another church that used to have a picnic service they called “Hot Dog for Jesus!” But he was careful to say he was not suggesting that for Trinity.

In the end, my favorite suggestion came from Julia White, former Interim Director of Music at Trinity. It was simple, informative, and euphonious: Prayer & Picnic. We can even call it P&P for short! Julia wins an Equal Exchange Fair Trade chocolate bar for her suggestion.

Join us Wednesday evenings in the summer, beginning at 6pm, for Prayer & Picnic. Bring something to grill (your choice) and a dish to pass. We gather under the oaks on the Beverley side of the churchyard for Prayer, then move to the playground area for Picnic. If it looks like rain, we run for cover in McCracken Hall. All are welcome!