Name that Service!

Does Mass on the Grass need a new title?

For many years Trinity has celebrated the Wednesdays of summer with an informal outdoor service of Holy Eucharist followed by a picnic. Some years ago (according to the story I’ve been told) someone with a sense of humor and a flair for rhyme dubbed it “Mass on the Grass,” and the name has stuck ever since.

We are continuing the tradition this summer; however, because neither Fr Paul Nancarrow nor Deacon John Wilkinson can be there every Wednesday evening, we are not able to have Holy Eucharist every week. Instead, we’ve begun to use an informal Evening Prayer service before the picnic. Many participants say it is a nice, easy-going, simple, short form of prayer, and it is a good experience of our Anglican heritage of the Daily Office.

But not offering Holy Eucharist means the Wednesday service is technically no longer Mass on the Grass. Should we call it something new? Office under the Oaks? Prayer and a Picnic? Liturgy on the Lawn? Wednesday Night Live? (okay, that’s a bit of a stretch…)

What do you think the summer Wednesday service should be called? Suggest a name in the comments below, or email it to The winner will receive a valuable prize!


  1. Julia White says:

    God on the Sod
    Garden Gathering
    Green Scene
    Friends Pray & Sing
    Prar Meetun & Eatun
    PBJ (Prayer, bread, & Jesus)
    P & P (Prayer & Picnic)
    Mitwoch Vittles
    Warm Wednesdays
    Love Feast
    BBB (Book, Bread, Brothers)
    Kneel & Meal
    Taste & See

  2. I like Mass on the Grass (cool and catchy), but a suggestion would be

    Mittwoch Meet? (German)