Faith Theater Alliance Fair

The Faith Theater Alliance — an ecumenical group bringing together theater and spirituality — is holding a Theater Fair on Sunday, May 18, beginning at 2:00 P.M. in McCracken Hall at Trinity Church.

The Fair will include eight thirty-minute workshops throughout the afternoon, and everyone will have the opportunity to participate in three workshops. The workshops are:

  1. Actors Voice Workshop, led by Jim Cramer. This workshop will include auditions for the Faith Theater Alliance’s production of Murder in the Cathedral, coming up this fall.
  2. Theater Games, led by John Vanpatten. Stage movement for actors and dancers.
  3. Soul Theater, led by Will Campbell. For young adults ages 13 through 20.
  4. General Volunteers and Backstage Hands.
  5. Costumes, led by Faith Masonheimer.
  6. Theatrical Lighting, led by Lienna Barklund.
  7. Mind Journey Method of Scenic Design, led by Toni Stallworth.
  8. Seeker’s Circle, led by Ted O’Neil. Seeking Christian spiritual growth through theater and drama.

Fair participants are encouraged to bring a folding chair, sunglasses and sun hat, bottled water, and whatever may make it comfortable to be outside on a sunny afternoon.

There will be no childcare for children under age 8.

Come explore this new venture in Theater and Spirit in Staunton!