Spring 2014 Trinity College Offerings

Spring B Term: weeks of April 27  – June 1

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Native American Religion. (Jim Gilman) Learn more about the ways of Earth and Spirit from the Native experience. Mondays at 7:30pm in the Braxton Room.

Yoga. (Cindy Hickman) Intrigued by yoga but anxious about knowing what to do?  Relax! Trinity Yoga will dedicate 6 classes to fundamentals of hatha yoga practice.  Ask questions, learn practices used in different yoga studios (including how to adapt yoga for your individual needs) and most importantly, experience ways to give yourself a break.  No experience with Sanskrit or the ability to touch your toes required. Wednesdays at 7:30pm (place will depend on how many sign up).

Visions and Longings. (Karen Martin) Mystics of the middle ages, especially women seekers and visionaries, have much to teach us late-modern people about life in the Spirit. Join this book group reading Monica Furlong’s Visions and Longings for more insight into this rich spiritual tradition. Thursdays at 10am in the Gooch Room.

Confirmation. (Paul Nancarrow) Bishop Mark Bourlakas is making his visitation to Trinity on June 15, and at that time he will celebrate with us the rite of Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation. This rite is a time for people baptized at a young age, and people joining the Episcopal Church for the first time, to recommit to their baptismal vows and to be reaffirmed in their fellowship in the Church. Teens and adults will comprise this group reflecting on the Baptismal Covenant in preparation for the visit of the Bishop. Sundays at 12:30pm (after the Sunday late service) in the Foster Room.